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A good teacher can make all the difference in a child's life. With patience and insight a skilled teacher can call forth qualities and abilities in a child that were previously dormant and unrecognized.

The Waldorf teacher

Growing with the children

Teaching in a Steiner-Waldorf school is a calling and not just a job. Waldorf education asks a lot of its teachers, but it gives a great deal in return. Teachers are urged to engage in the educational process in the same three-dimensional manner as the children actively, emotionally, and thoughtfully. They are asked to be fully present in the classroom and in their preparation. In addition, Waldorf teachers survey the expanse of human history with children.

An evolutionary career

Good teachers invariably are avid learners. Searching for new insights and new approaches, Waldorf teachers continue to evolve throughout their teaching careers. As class teachers move from grade to grade with their students teaching a new curriculum each year, they too receive an education, one that brings them a rich understanding of the natural world through subjects like astronomy, meteorology, botany, geology, and zoology.

Guidance with challenges

Although enabling children to succeed in school is of great importance, helping them when difficulties arise can be life changing. Challenging situations are important educational opportunities, not just for children, but for their teachers, as well. When these difficulties are resolved, when challenging situations are transformed, epiphanies occur and the child/teacher relationship deepens dramatically.

We Are Recruiting!

Bangalore Steiner School is seeking passionate individuals to teach the Cambridge Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology curriculum at the Grade 9 level and upwards. We are also seeking teachers for Wood and metal Works.

Click here to know more about what we are looking for.

Send us your resume & cover letter describing your teaching journey and affinity towards the school to apply at:

Parent Involvement

Waldorf schools thrive on a vast and active community of current parents, ex-parents, and other well wishers.


Bangalore Steiner school lives by this and also depends on this.

Whether it is several initiatives for school development, conducting various events and festivals, carrying out certain focused jobs, etc, the school definitely relies on partnering with their community (especially current parents) to carry out things.

None of the activities are mandatory but parents are encouraged to actively volunteer and participate in these partnering opportunities with the school.

Apart from a sense of involvement and satisfaction to the individuals in helping with the school development, it also is a visible example to the children to see parents/ other adults volunteer and do things and builds a sense of voluntary participation themselves with the school and community.


Plus it is a lot of fun!

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