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play equipment for the school

A few days back, as the children entered our school, squeals of excitement could be heard from the kindergarten space. On craning necks, we discovered the youngest of our lot climbing the newly made play equipment.

There were a couple of swings, climbing rope nets and climbing bars. It was a project meant for us for the holidays - to construct equipment that provide physical challenges for children for their overall development.

However, we were fortunate that our own 10th graders decided to build this from scratch by themselves and with some guidance from their woodwork teacher. They erected the wooden frames, fixed up the bars and secured the ropes in place. They gave it a nice finish and tested it for strength.

It was an unforgettable gift from the oldest in the school to their youngest brothers and sisters. It would have been a very fulfilling experience for them too apart from being a wonderful gift for us and our youngsters. What better gift than one's thoughts, energy, effort and time.

Thank you very much grade 10-ers.

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