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Sports week at BSS

Months of planning and preparations led up to the grand success of our sports week at Bangalore Steiner school last week. It was introduced last year and we intend to continue it annually.

Months of preparation by children - not only on the different sports/ games but off the field holding strategy meetings and planning meetings was exciting to see.

As a run up to sports week, children are grouped into 4 houses/ teams and they participate in various events to win points for their team and not just for themselves. It deeply instils a spirit of belonging to a team and working as a group to represent their team, not only themselves. Finally, it is the group/ team that wins.

The 4 teams each year are:

  1. Prithvi (green)

  2. Vayu (yellow)

  3. Jala (blue)

  4. Agni (red)

It was a week of jubilation, fierce competition, and showcasing the culmination of hard work and dedication by each one.

Sports week is a time when children get to showcase their talent in various sports and games. The events range from track, field sports and Indoor games. The diversity of events ensures that every student can find a sport that resonates with their abilities and interests. During this week selection of finalists begins with identifying potential participants across different grades and categories.

On the final day the school grounds transform into an arena of energy and enthusiasm. All finalists turn into shining stars. Everyone comes together to cheer for them. This event fosters a strong bond among the participants and instils a deeper sense of pride in being a part of the school. At BSS, our annual sports week is a celebration of not only athletic prowess but also teamwork, perseverance, and the spirit of sportsmanship. Points are granted for not just victories but also teamwork and behavior/ conduct of each team member.

It is an event that goes beyond athletics, shaping the character and outlook of our students, preparing them for the challenges and victories that lie ahead in their lives.

Some glimpses of the week and energy of children below...

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