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High School Grades 11 & 12

(Cambridge AS/A levels)

Our High school program is designed to meet the holistic needs of the adolescent. This means we will strive to prepare students to become better human beings and to be internally and externally oriented to meet the world when they finish this program. They will be able to meet the Cambridge curriculum requirements while staying aligned with our vision of the school. 

Key objectives of our high school program

  1. Waldorf Education

  2. Exam Readiness

  3. Development of will

  4. Development of Self-learning abilities 

  5. Awareness of the world

  6. Connection with the world

  7. Power to change

  8. Means of Expression

  9. Connection to Nature

  10. Imparting purpose to life

  11. Ability to meet the modern needs of the world

  12. Discovery of Self

In line with meeting those objectives, the program will have two broad components:

  • Component 1: Cambridge AS & A-levels exam subjects

  • Component 2: Non-exam but mandatory subjects 

Component 1: Cambridge AS & A-levels exam subjects

  1. Mandatory - English (8021) (AS)​

  2. Students can select from the choices below. The Subject pairs are mutually exclusive - one set is from the sciences and the other non-sciences:

    1. Physics (9702) OR Psychology (9990)

    2. Chemistry (9701) OR Business (9609)

    3. Biology (9700) OR Economics (9708)

    4. Mathematics (9709)

  • Students can pick any  3 of the above 4 subject selections (recommended) 

  • Or, they can pick 4 from the above (if we jointly feel they can handle 4 subjects)

  • Or, they can pick any 2 from the above subject selections and take 1 separate subject of their choice (which they want to pursue separately but is not offered or managed by the school)

   3. Optional - Cambridge International Project Qualification (IPQ)(9980) (AS)

Component 2: Non-exam but mandatory modules for all

Each  of the modules listed below will be done by all students for their holistic development and readiness to face today’s world. Each module will have specific outcomes & objectives to be met. This is a mandatory component of the program and needs to be taken as seriously as the exam component. We believe that education must meet the human being at different levels of their being. This component is primarily designed keeping that in mind. 

  1. Module Group 1: Arts

    • Visual Art

    • Music

    • Theatre

    • Movement & games

  2. Module Group 2 : Hands-on activity

    • Metal working

    • Woodworking with Power tools

  3. Module Group 3 : Individual Enrichment Program

    • Financial literacy/ personal finance management

    • Media and Technology awareness & overview

    • Health - Physical / Mental / Emotional wellbeing

    • Gender and Sexuality awareness

    • Civic rights and responsibilities

    • History modules

  4. Module Group 4 : Community outreach program

    • Individual and Group initiatives

    • Volunteer in local communities

    • Duties at school

  5. Module Group 5 : Educational Travel

    • Collaborative work 

    • Intellectually and physically challenging field trips

    • Self-funding by students 

Course/ Program duration:

The overall duration of the course will be for 2.5 years

(from June 2024 to November 2026 for the batch starting in the next academic year 2024-25).

The exam series will be:

  • Grade 11: AS Level exams (Oct-Nov Series of 2025)

  • Grade 12: A2 Level exams + AS Level English (Oct-Nov Series of 2026)


The main drivers for the course duration being 2.5 years instead of 2 years are: 

  1. Meeting the objectives of the program and providing a holistic development cannot be undertaken in only two years.

  2. We wish to allow a more reasonable preparation time for the examinations while managing all the program objectives.

  3. Students will be able to further utilize 6 months after passing from BSS for: 

    • Researching and applying to various universities

    • Preparing for and giving various university entrance exams

    • Furthering their readiness through Work internships etc.

Fees guidance:

Please contact our admissions office by sending an email to:

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