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Chalkboard drawings by teachers to welcome children to a new academic year

Amidst the busy schedule of getting classrooms ready, lesson plans organized and looking at every detail large and small at the start of the new academic year, Class Teachers always find time to do a beautiful chalkboard drawing for the students.

These drawings work deeply on the child, building upon their imagination - During story telling it can be a place for a young child to just be, to dream into, to be nourished. It invites the child to be drawn into the mood of the topic of the block or the season that they will be experiencing or the time period the class will be studying during the year.

As the age-old adage goes - "A picture is worth a thousand words". These chalkboard drawings tell stories of a human being who is constantly striving, of a teacher who is struggling with his or her artistic abilities but determined to bring the best for his or her students. It is also a helpful reminder that things do not last for long. Each chalkboard drawing lasts for about two to three weeks after which it must be erased paving way for a new image. This can be freeing and sad at the same time.

These drawings are not commissioned to outside artists - each drawing is affectionately made by our teachers specifically for their class children for the year ahead.

Oh how joyful and exciting it is for the teachers, to create this magic for their students, sowing seeds of anticipation of what is to come in the weeks ahead and for the children to start off the academic year with these gifts, gifts that will work deep into their soul life.

These are the lovely drawings which our teachers have made to welcome the children to their class this academic year 23-24.

It is indeed a blessing to be a teacher and a learner.

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