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Eid celebration at BSS

We celebrated Bakrid on Friday, the 21st of June. The whole school gathered mid morning to hear the story of this festival, also known as Eid-ul-Adha. The story was told by one of our parents and later enacted by Grade 6 students.

The story tells us how long ago, in Mecca, the faith of Prophet Ibrahim was tested by God. He was asked to sacrifice his son Ismail and as he was about to do so, God appeared, spared Ismail and told the Prophet to sacrifice a goat instead. The morning's event ended with a beautiful song sung by Grade 8.

We learnt that Muslims around the world celebrate Bakrid by giving to charity, exchanging gifts with family and friends and eating delicious meals together. This is a celebration of faith and trust in God, sacrifice, kindness and generosity.

some moments below...

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