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Grade 10 graduation ceremony

Towards the end of the academic year, we had the annual day for high school students - accompanied by their families. It was kept a smaller/ cozier group for High school only as the plays and performances for high school are not very suitable for smaller children.

There was a display of the year's work which the parents could view and interact with the students & teachers freely.

Following this, there was a music performance by G9 students followed by a play by grade 10 students.

Grade 9 & 10 also jointly did a movements-based song performance which was a treat to watch

We were served refreshments which gave the Grade 10 students to change and metamorphosize from their play costumes to young men and women in Blazers & Sarees for the highlight of the day – their graduation ceremony that followed.

It was a very joyous event where a couple of students came up and shared their journey in school all along. some of them will continue into our Grade 11 but some of them will also be leaving us after 10-12 long years - they had started their journeys with us in our Kindergarten!

Couple of the teachers also shared their words of advice & experiences with the children. It was indeed an emotional moment for many. We also had one of the parents come up and share his views.

Some moments of the day below...

The sashes that the students were adorned with were hand painted by some of our teachers!

The Yearbooks that were presented to them were very fondly made by their teachers (including the crochet bags they are wrapped in

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