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Recent Grade 5 trip to Belur, Samse, Bajagoli & Udupi

It was all there for us to explore…

It is said that the best way to understand a land is by travelling through it. This year’s Grade 5 trip was an attempt at living such an exploration - a trip across the many landscapes of Karnataka (Belur, Samse, Bajagoli & Udupi). Driving through the plateau (although it seemed plain); curving through the ghats and dancing with the waves at the coastline. It was curated for the class to experience the different regions, weather, crops and food around the different landscapes we traversed. A 5-day trip that had much to look out for.

The trip began with a bag of mixed emotions for both parents and the children - considering they were going to be away from home for 5 days and shift to three different locations on the given days and not speak to their parents on those days. They came all prepared! like they wanted to reclaim what they had lost through the COVID years.

It began with a touch of history with an intricate galore of stories at the Belur temple - which was the centre of the Hoysala kingdom. After a quick picnic meal and a ride through the beginning of the ghats, we reached the birthplace of the Hemavathi - A tributary of Cauvery. Noticing only a small step well they began to question the origins of rivers and the role of their tributaries. It was a cool evening when we reached Samse. The first change that the children felt was the cold weather and the soothing that khashaya came with it. A slight inhibition and encouragement later everyone was home.

With singing, stories, and variety in food, we experienced amidst a coffee and areca estate the harvest of areca nuts. From the source to the peeling, drying, steaming and colouring they came to understand the effort that goes behind every crop. The difference the processing makes to a crop.

The primary aim of the trip was for the children to learn, understand and experience the landscapes by exploring them with their senses. This was achieved through treks in the western ghats, discovering hidden waterfalls in the forest, and experiencing a sunset in silence amid the noise and waves.

Much of the experience was also about how the children worked together in silence, helping one another and accustom themselves to the different conditions. Through the trip I have experienced the children trying, exploring and sometimes enduring the new experiences they have had. So excited they were, that a seed of anticipation on what is in store for their next year is already sown...

Few impressions of the experiences below...

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