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“Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able out of their own initiative to impart purpose and direction to their lives”

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Bangalore Steiner School is a co-educational, Rudolf Steiner school. Our curriculum, adapted for the Indian context, emphasizes the place of Nature in educating the Hands, the Heart, and the Head. Our teachers and parents work in partnership to realize our objective of a sustainable community.

Bangalore Steiner School
is extremely happy to announce the starting of 
Grade 11 & 12 (AS/ A Levels)
from next academic year AY 24-25 
(Grade 11 next academic year and Grade 12 subsequently)

It has been a part of the school's long term vision always. We are very glad to finally be able to embark on this journey and provide a complete & holistic education for our children from childhood till 12th Grade. They can step into the world well prepared for it. With this, Bangalore Steiner school will be able to cater to our children from K to 12 completely.

Please visit our curriculum details page to get an overview of the program offering in full. If you or anybody you know is interested in applying, please request you/ them to send a mail to us at our admissions email & register online on our admissions  page to attend an open day on one of the dates provided. Links and details provided below:


Curriculum: for AS/A levels Grade 11 & 12

Admissions page

Admissions email:

Waldorf Curriculum

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Age 3.5-7: Realm of willing


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Age 7-14: Realm of feeling

Grade School


Age 14-18: Realm of thinking

High School



Independence Day




Open Day 1


Sports Day

Distinctive features of Waldorf Education


Gymnastics & Games

Drama & Stories


Christmas Bazaar


Wood Work 

Sports Day

Art workshop

Music & Movement

Nature Walks


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