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Annual day 2024

We held the school's annual day this year towards the end of February 2024. Annual days at BSS focus on giving the parents a glimpse of what their children have been learning at school. It is showcased as plays/ performances on stage as well as displays of the children's work in their classrooms. This year's event was an enriching experience for everyone - parents, children and students.

The planning for the annual day began well in advance with children and teachers along with Ammas getting involved in creating a festive atmosphere with beautiful handmade decorations and welcome messages put up across the school. On the day, Grades 1 to 9 presented songs and plays showcasing different aspects of the stories shared in the classroom. The performances were confident, spontaneous and joyful and one could clearly see how each grade journeys across the years.

A refreshing change this year was the absence of mikes and speakers and flashing mobile phones. The children were able to act and sing without any distractions and the audience was able to absorb that much more. The event had a cozy and relaxed vibe to it with the community truly coming together to celebrate the academic year.

Each grade also displayed their book work, paintings and crafts done through the year in their respective classrooms. This was the first time parents could take a look at the work of the entire year at one place and they were happy to witness the growth that the year brought to their child. It was a good reminder of all things that were learnt and imbibed this year in the classroom, for the children too. The wish tree was a sight to behold once the event drew to a close with so many colourful messages wishing the school well.

Don't miss spotting the tree in the pictures below:

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