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Christmas Bazaar 2023

On 15th December, we had our annual Christmas Bazaar - a fun filled gala day to bring in the mood of Christmas and to celebrate another successful calendar year.

It is also an opportunity to mingle with the school's community of children, parents, teaching/ non-teaching staff and all well-wishers of the school. It is especially fun to mingle and interact with everyone in an informal setting.

What makes it even more precious for us is that we (the school) do not organize it.

It is entirely planned and executed by the lovely parents of the school - whether it is various stalls, the items in the stalls, various activities for children, the food etc.

The only thing that the school plans and conducts are the Carols by the children of the various grades.


The buzz starts many weeks earlier with parent groups conducting and participating in various workshops which not only enables them to get to further mingle with each other, but also create lovely handmade items which they can put up for sale in the stalls. The proceeds of the bazaar contribute to the school's ability to support education and development of the school.


The fun day does not come to an end without some jamming, singing, and dancing together.


Thank you, very much dear parents, for making it another very successful Christmas Bazaar in 2023!


Few impressions of the day below...

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