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Exploration Projects presentation by Grade 7 children

In Grade 7, stories of world exploration, explorers, routes and discoveries are brought to children. They lapped up these stories and presented their topics in groups and made lovely charts to present their findings & facts.

This was the first time the children were given content to research from. They were given access to books and materials relevant to their topics (no internet research was allowed).

Each group was given one explorer to research about and to present their findings with a chart and whatever else they feel like making for their story. Each child in the group took turns to present a part of their project. Their body language during the presentation, their organising skills in deciding the flow of the presentation and the confidence with which they answered the questions was heartening to see.

Each group had a different flavour and style in their presentation. Some crafted comics, some made an interesting timeline and some made an interesting facts corner in their charts. It was a re-assurance of the quest for learning that we want to kindle in the children. This was also a reminder that the role of a teacher is not to teach but to facilitate and the children show the magic.

some moments below...

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