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Knitting needles for grade 1 children

As they step into Grade 1, one of the very loved activities by our tiny tots is Handwork.

As part of handwork in Grade 1 they will be learning Knitting using t-shirt yarn and knitting needles. These Knitting needles are made from bamboo wood (and not metal ones) so they don't hurt themselves in the learning experience.

These Knitting Needles are not procured. They are made by the parents of the child very affectionately and with a lot of enthusiasm. They don't use any machines for this but make them with their own hands using the Bamboo wood.

They will give the finished needles to their child when they start school.

The children get to know each other well in the class. However, this group activity enables the parents to get to know each other as well. It also fosters a warm relationship with the class teacher as this will be a new environment for many parents.

It also gives a fresh experience to the parents which they probably don't usually get. The smile on their faces when they see the final outcome of their effort in priceless.

Finally, the children cherish the needles to no end when they come to know their parents made the needles with their own hands specifically for them!

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