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Oath Ceremony

4 July, 2024. BSS Campus. 


The Oath Taking Ceremony for the House Leaders of Bangalore Steiner School commenced at 8:20 am. The students of grades 6 and above had assembled on the school grounds, clothed in their house colours, eager to welcome their leaders. 


This Oath Taking Ceremony is carried out each year in the 1st/2nd month of school opening as a lead up to the Sports day that is held annually by Bangalore Steiner School. It starts the enthusiastic preparations by each of the House teams and individual students in the run up to the Sports Day. The captains and Vice-captains gather with their team for morning runs & exercises (twice a week) to maintain their fitness towards reaching their team’s goal.

The essence of this ceremony is to bring in individual and team integrity, responsibility, ownership, sportsmanship and to conduct their duties with determination. This would also build an expectation from Captains, Vice Captains and House Teachers to create a supportive and conducive environment towards the fulfilment of these responsibilities. The house leaders would be the representative pillars of their respective houses.

The Oath Taking Ceremony for the year 2024-25 was anchored by Pavan Teacher and Soumya Teacher, the sports and games teachers of the school.

The houses were assembled in front of the house flags

  • Prithvi (green)

  • Jala (blue)

  • Agni (red) &

  • Vayu (yellow)

The gathering was first addressed by Gopa Teacher, who explained the importance of discipline in the light of sportsmanship and the respect shared across teams, regardless of the houses.


Glass bowls were placed on each table in front of the flags, signifying each of the four elements, The leaders of each team (captain, vice captain and house teachers) then took their respective oaths. with the teams:

Tanishka, Maitreyo, Vikas Teacher for Prithvi;

Marc, Akshatha, Swananda Teacher for Jala;

Gautham, Rishi, Shrikanth Teacher for Agni;

Priyanka, Tanay, Srinivas Teacher for Vayu.

with the oath:

With the strength and steadiness of Earth,

With the adaptability and fluidity of Water,

With the passion and energy of Fire,

With the clarity and freedom of Air.

The badges were pinned by the high school teachers to the leaders of the houses, before they took the oath.

After that, Pavan Teacher led the captains and vice captains as they took their oath – pledging to support their houses with integrity and respecting the values of our school. The rest of the team followed by pledging to be a cooperative team and work together with the leaders, which was led by Soumya Teacher. 

With the oaths taken, each of the houses sprinted around the ground as teams to commemorate the ceremony. The assembly dispersed and each team gathered discussing strategies for the year ahead.


Student reporters: 

Yeshe and Riya, Grade 9


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