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Recent Alumni visit to our school

It is always a joy to welcome alumni on our campus. To see them once again, older, surer in life and on their way to becoming who they set out to be. We had one of our students Aanyaa Singh, our alumnus from 2018 visit us last week. She had been with BSS from 2012. She is currently studying Fashion Communication at University of the Arts, London, Central St. Martins. She was visiting home and readily accepted a request to share about her journey with the high school students. This was about her experience after schooling with Bangalore Steiner School, the work she put into research and applying for universities in her fields of interest and how she managed the whole process. She had a lot to share as tips to the students about choosing courses, subjects, universities, creating portfolios, preparing for the process and how to utilize their time best in that regard. It was immediate and personal while still giving a fair perspective.

Needless to say, it was very relevant and useful to our current high school students. We are very grateful to Aanyaa for spending this time with us to help the current students at BSS.

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