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Recent visit by our mentor - Nazneen Kateli-D'Souza

Updated: Jan 7

Nazneen Kateli-D'Souza, a Waldorf teacher for over three decades, was at BSS from the 19th to the 28th of August.

Hailing from the Bright Water Waldorf School, Seattle, she brought with her warmth and light, and an immense love of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf curriculum. She held workshops with the teachers, shared resources of songs, poems, speech, and movement exercises and gave and gave... With great humility, she said that she was not a teacher trainer but having received and experienced so much, she felt that she, in her turn, could give...generosity of a true Waldorf teacher!

There was an interactive session, too, with our parents on the 24th of August. On her last day, she was joined by her daughter, a former Seattle Waldorf student. Our high school students got to spend an interactive session with her.

Meeting Nazneen was like meeting someone you have known for a long time. She just belonged!

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