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Sankranti celebrations at school

Updated: Feb 1

In our school, the annual Sankranti festival unfolded with vibrant hues and infectious enthusiasm earlier this month. As tradition dictated, students from every class joined forces to celebrate the essence of the harvest season. With reverence, we collectively offered worship to the elements that sustain our agricultural endeavors – Earth, Wind, Water, Sunlight, and the invaluable Cattle.


Under the open sky, children of all classes engaged in the joyous revelry. The air echoed with melodic tunes as students, from the tiniest first-graders to the more seasoned eight-graders, lent their voices to the festivities. The rhythmic beats of Kolkata resonated, punctuating the jubilant atmosphere.


Amidst the celebration, the younger students, brimming with creativity, embarked on a hands-on endeavor. Classes 1 to 5 became budding craftsmen and artists as they meticulously created their own kites. Laughter filled the air as the children proudly displayed their colorful creations, a kaleidoscope of dreams soaring against the canvas of the sky.


Some glimpses of the celebration below…

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